Subscription Services

When you Subscribe to eTV, you get access to TV Recordings and Curriculum Collections, Zaption Basic is free for staff, logins can be given to students as well as staff and Single Sign-on is available. 

TV Recordings

eTV captures TV programmes daily from Freeview, SKY and International Channels. Subscription gives unlimited access to these and to the back-catalogue of recordings made since 2008. Teachers can request recordings to be made for them of any programmes of interest.

 Curriculum Collections

Thousands of short programmes and clips sourced from around the world, have been matched to the New Zealand curriculum. Short, snappy and to save time in the preparation of units and lesson plans.  Teachers can request us to capture legally posted online videos from YouTube.

Library Hosting

You can use the Library Upload service to manage and post any videos to your own Library Catalogue, which is secure to your staff and students.  Subscribers receive 10GB of free hosting space in the Library.  Go to the Library Hosting page for more info.

 Subscription Costs

Pricing for Subscriptions newly taken or renewed in 2015 is – TV Recordings and Curriculum Collections - $2/EFTS (unchanged).

 Subscription Joining Fee

A simple one off Sign up fee is applicable upon joining eTV, this includes a full training session provided to your staff.


Fee (GST ex)







under 300


 Single Sign On

eTV supports Single Sign On (SSO). eTV recommends that any School wanting to implement SSO uses an Identity Provider (IdP) such as 'Our School'

Our School trans

If your institution wishes to activate and turn on SSO without an IdP, there will be single set up fee of $500 to cover all technical support and development during the set up phase.

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Don’t just watch. Learn. 

eTV’s Zaption Video Annotation service brings interactivity to online videos.

Zaption is revolutionizing online video for education. Teachers use Zaption’s intuitive web app to quickly add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from eTV, YouTube, Vimeo and other video libraries. The result is an interactive learning tour that transforms video from a "lean back" experience to an engaging "lean forward" activity. With Zaption’s analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how students interact with the content and understand key concepts.

All staff and students at eTV Subscribing institutions get a Free Basic account. eTV and Zaption content is available immediately following login to eTV.  Due to copyright law, only teachers have access to useTV Recordings in Zaption Tours.  Zaption Individual Pro account free trials and upgrades can be made online once logged in through eTV.  Campus and Department Pro account free trials and upgrades, with significant volume discounts, are available through eTV. 

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Study Guides

eTV provides schools with ongoing access to many New Zealand-produced series. 

To enrich this service, we are pleased to offer a curated view of the study guides which accompanied some of these series at the time of broadcast.

New Zealand television has a special part to play in our increasingly globalised world.  Locally-commissioned series can have enduring value not only because they share the stories of people, knowledge and activities which are uniquely our own, but also because they capture moments in time.  These can sometimes reveal surprising insights into how we thought, what we did, what we knew, what technology we used, how we spoke, and what attitudes we held.   This means the series can continue to support powerful learning opportunities for schools long after they first screened.

The guides were written specifically for teachers and offered ideas for “before, during and after viewing” learning activities.  They incorporate deep links to the learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, and provide pathways to further information and resources

mnz thumb
Making New Zealand

This in-depth 4-part TVNZ series, explores the development of New Zealand’s roads, rail, power, and shipping and transport infrastructure.

Download the Making New Zealand study guide
inventin thumb
Let's Get Inventin'

This TVNZ science and technology series for young people entertains by exciting the imagination and encouraging the involvement of inquiring minds.

Download the Let's Get Inventin' study guide
ice thumb

In this fascinating 5-part TVNZ series, presenter Marcus Lush puts the spotlight on Antarctica - the coldest, most southernmost continent on the planet, and one which plays a key part in Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

Download the Ice study guide
The Good Word Junior

In this 4-part 'junior' version of the popular The Good Word television series, young people interview authors, review books and unpack the world of publishing.

Download the Good Word Junior study guide
Here To Stay

his 6 part series, introduced by well-known New Zealanders, takes a person tour of the arrival of English, Scottish, Irish, German, Dalmatian and Chinese communities.

Download the Here to Stay study guide
Revealing Gallipoli

Revealing Gallipoli was produced to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the ANZACs’ landing at Gallipoli. It tells the story from the points of view of the different countries involved, and from the perspectives of different groups of people (from politicians and generals to soldiers and sailors).

Download the Revealing Gallipoli study guide

eTV sincerely acknowledges the role of the production companies, broadcasters, Screenrights and NZ On Air, who contributed to the development of the guides.

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Library Hosting and Digitisation

Host your own videos with secure online access to your staff and students only.

All your metadata is entered and your videos available for your staff and students to easily access.  Videos can be uploaded directly through the Library Upload page for automatic transcoding by us into streaming files. Large numbers of videos can be exported from other servers and Mass Uploaded by eTV. All content is fully backed up.

 eTV Free Service Members receive 5GB of hosting Free. Subscribing Members receive 10GB of hosting Free.

 VHS/DVD/Film Digitising and Encoding Service:

eTV offers a solution for Libraries wanting to digitise important content currently stored on videotapes, DVD’s or film. Format shifting to Digital is increasingly important for preservation and to enable online access by staff and students.

The process involves the evaluation of each tape, DVD or film, then digitisation which creates two files, one MPEG2 (for burning a DVD) and the other MPEG4 which becomes the master copy. The MPEG4 file then is encoded into eTV streaming format and uploaded into your Institution’s secure eTV Library. The master can be sent for long term offline storage by eTV, or placed onto a supplied HDD or burned onto a DVD and returned for local backup storage.

 Metadata provided for multiple titles in a .csv file enables eTV to upload this data as a single process and thereby to create an entity for each title in the Institution’s Library Catalogue in eTV with all key fields populated.  eTV manages the video file upload process.

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eTV Free

eTV’s Free Service. Join now for free and experience the added value eTV can bring to your teaching resources. 

The free sections -  Live Streams of selected television channels, and the Library, do not attract any sign up or ongoing access fees.  To get a login just click the Login button and select “Not Registered Yet?”. 

Live Streaming TV Channels

All NZ Freeview selected international channels are streamed live. There is an 11 hour rewind so that users can catch up on recently broadcast programmes.

Library videos

Library videos come from eTV, educational organisations, companies, foundations, government departments who have produced programmes that they want to make freely available to educators.

Secure Library Hosting

Secure Library Hosting makes videos available to your staff and students, All eTV Free Service Members get 5GB of hosting space for free. 

Free Trial

Take advantage of our no-obligation, three-month evaluation of TV Recordings and Curriculum Collections.  Access to the TV Recordings Service requires your School to hold a Screenrights Licence.   If your School already holds a Licence, great! We can open a Trial right away. If not we can give you a free Trial Screenrights License so that you can assess the value for teaching and learning of being able to access all our TV Recordings and Curriculum Collections videos.

Please click here for complete Screenrights Licence information. 

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Using eTV

eTV is a personal, easy to use and effective online video library for teaching professionals and their students. eTV adds rich metadata relevant to the NZ curriculum for fast and effective searching.

eTV is an ad free and “copyright safe” area for students and staff to go and find content easily.  All content available in eTV is copyright cleared for legal use under Creative Commons and/or Screenrights Licences.

Videos are available to be viewed directly online, by Embedding Codes, or by Downloading.

User Features:
  • Clipping enables online saving of a part of any video and deployment by embedding code
  • Organize videos into Folders
  • Upload Related Materials
  • Tag programmes with unique keywords
  • Post comments
  • Choose to share Related Materials, Tags or Comments
  • Recommend programmes by email and Facebook
  • Set email alerts to advise on specified new content added to eTV
  • Track personal use histories

eTV works with standard web browsers on any Mac, Linux or Windows PC, iPads, Android tablets, and mobile smartphones. There are no local servers to buy and hardware/software management is not required.

Managing eTV:

Users with Admin rights can access the Reports and Management Section where they can manage users’ access levels and generate activity reports. 

The eTV User Management system sets up Staff and/or Student Users in the system with personal logins.  Users can self register and be sent an email with their login details automatically.

eTV offers Single Sign-On access and recommends that any School wanting to implement SSO uses an Identity Provider (IDP) such as 'Our School'  .

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Who is eTV

eTV distributes programmes recorded off-air from domestic and international television channels and Internet channels, that can be viewed and downloaded under the terms and conditions of the Screenrights Licensing Scheme.

The Education Television and Video Communications Trust was established in June 2010 by e-cast Ltd as a not-for-profit Charitable Trust to manage the development and distribution of the off-air broadcast recordings services to Schools, Kura, Polytechnics, Wananga and Universities throughout the country. The Trust has been approved by the Minister of Education and Screenrights to operate as an Education Resource Supplier under the Copyright Act S.48.

As part of eTV’s Charitable work, Schools have free access to Live-streaming TV Channels, a Library of educational videos and recordings from relevant educational conferences and events.  Educational establishments throughout New Zealand can access this unique service to select relevant content covering all curriculum subject areas.


Gresham Bradley

General Manager eTV

Steve Rogers

Director Finance eTV

Brian Oliver

Director Administration eTV

Howard Amos

University Librarian, University of Otago

Don Sheridan

Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Auckland

Veronica White

General Manager People and Culture, UNITEC

Our Vision


eTV's digital recording, cataloguing and distribution of communication works offers an unprecedented opportunity for teachers to access, manage and deploy compelling content to support and enhance learning outcomes and achievement levels.


eTV will support the use of media in teaching and help teachers improve student engagement and learning outcomes across the Curriculum.


eTV will continue to develop new web features and functionality so that the eTV User Interface website becomes the primary service for educators and students to access, upload, and interact with all forms of video in the education process.


eTV will focus on adding to the number and range of broadcast and non-broadcast video content to its digital repository to add value to eTV and to increase the number of educational clients using the service.


eTV will promote and support related development of the service to provide the educational sector with specific opportunities and support related to the use of video and television in the Curriculum and beyond.


eTV is a leading agency supporting the development, promotion and adoption of digital video distribution and utilisation technologies within the New Zealand education sector.

People on our team

Our staff value our customer relationships highly.

We understand education and have experience in education and teaching.  We are here to help make the process of teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable.

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Gresham Bradley

General Manager I09-300-6888I

Steve1 compressor

Steve Rogers

Financial Controller I

Kerry1 compressor

Kerry Leaf

Learning Resources ManagerI09-300-6880I

Patrick1 compressor

Patrick Thomson

Media Librarian I

Ella1 compressor

Ella Sargison

Content Co-ordinatorI09-300-6880I


Organisations we work with

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Our School LogoHead

We have used the eTV recordings of one week’s evening television on TV1, TV2 and TV3 to code for tobacco and alcohol imagery as part of research to examine how prevalent this imagery is in our television viewing. eTV has made this very easy for us by recording the stated times and channels and sending us downloadable files in a very timely manner. We have found these recordings to be very accurate and user friendly. This work is being replicated from a similar study completed 10 years ago using VHS recordings; eTV technology has greatly improved the ability to undertake this work

University of Otago

ACG joined eTV to have access to NZ content, particularly current affairs and news, and to have a private library in which to store the videos that we make ourselves that can be accessed by our students through links to our LMS. The ability for eTV to download video from YouTube into Curriculum Collections provides excellent future proofing of such resources. With the introduction of Zaption, video will be much more interactive. These features, combined with the service we get makes eTV a fantastic resource


I tried to buy DVDs of some Art History programmes but couldn't and then found that they're on eTV. Shakespeare’s Hamlet with David Tennant will catch the student's interest and Media Studies comes alive with so many great films and programmes as well as the whole Christchurch rebuild story, perfect for geography students

Wellington East Girls College

eTV is just a great service. I found myself teaching junior social studies for a couple of terms last year and I really don’t know how I would have managed without eTV. There are very few paid services which I would recommend to schools, but this one is essential.

Rosehill College / Mindlab

We are thrilled to join forces with eTV to bring interactive video to New Zealand. eTV has an impressive video platform, and now, with just a few clicks, you can bring any eTV video into Zaption, giving teachers and trainers a whole new set of tools to engage students and track how they learn with video.

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